Board of Directors
Phil Fulz, Chariman

Philip Fultz, Chairman

Phil Fultz had his first experience with an illiterate adult while serving in the Marine Corps; a Marine who could only make his mark on the line calling for his signature upon getting paid. That picture never left him, and years later when a local literacy group was being formed in 1984, Phil joined and continues as an officer of the Morongo Basin Coalition for Adult Literacy, and more importantly as a tutor.

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Kathy Truesdell, Secretary/Treasurer

A former school teacher, Kathy Truesdell tutors local non-readers and believes that literacy can help to overcome poverty. "After two years at the University of California at Davis, I finished my BA at UC Riverside and then got a teaching credential at Hayward State. I taught in Ohio for a year and then married a National Park Ranger and spent the next twenty years or so moving to six different parks in different states while raising two daughters. We finally settled in Twentynine Palms, where my husband retired. I volunteered as a tutor when the California Literacy Campaign came to the Twentynine Palms Branch Library in 1984 and have been active tutoring and/or on the board ever since."

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Kelvin Easterling, Director

Kelvin Easterling, spends his time promoting literacy for adults as a Community Outreach Ambassador as well as volunteering as a tutor.

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MJ Fiocco, Director

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